Screencraft advances ‘Study in Blue’

Screencraft announced today that our Columbia MFA Thesis Script ‘Study in Blue’ advanced to the Spring Film Fund Semi-Finals. We didn’t take the top prize, but it’s always nice to be in such great company.

The film is a genre-meditation on loss and memory. Oh, and people die. 

Read the Directors Statement below:

” Maybe we all
talk to dead people.

“I think about
death a lot. All of my films have people dying in them. I’ve never been to a
funeral. I went to a wake once. I’m not avoiding them, I’m not afraid of them,
It’s just never happened. But, here I am, alive. So that’s cool.

“This film is
about a dead person, or rather, the consequences of death on a non-dead person.
I hope you like the script. We’re excited about it. It’s about a lonely person.
I like writing about people who are alone. Lonely people. Isolation. I wonder
what other people are like when no one is around. We probably do weird stuff.
Maybe we all talk to dead people.

“The human brain
is amazing. Every time you have a new experience, your brain creates permanent
neural pathways. They stay with you for the rest of your life, barring serious
injury or degenerative diseases. They are all connected. When I smell this
perfume I remember a girl I dated when I was young. Her bedroom was in a loft
over the living room. We had to be really quiet when we were making out. Her
parents loved Star Trek: The Next Generation. I can’t listen to Patrick Stewart
talk with getting turned on. Her brother worked at Dunkin’ Donuts. Neural
pathways are amazing. How do I apply this to a film? Can we tuck it inside a
genre picture; make it with care and precision? Can we dig deep into those
neural pathways and emotions and sensations and emotional connections and make
something worth watching? We sure hope so. Otherwise, it’s possible we might
have wasted half a million dollars.

“Oh right,
Catherine and I are Film MFA’s at Columbia University. It’s Ivy League. Some
people say it’s a big deal. We don’t know if it is, but we like it. This film
is for that. A thesis film. Also, we both work really hard and are good human
beings and I think have some talent, for what that’s worth”

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