The H.F. Wendell & Co. Memorial Company Archive

Authentic Wendell Company printing plates for sale.

We are offering for sale a one-of-a-kind collection of genuine production plates from the H.F. Wendell Memorial Card Company in Leipsic, OH. The Wendell Company has an undeniable place in bereavement and funeral history. At its height it was the largest postmortem mail-order funeral card company, employing hundreds women across the country to scour newspapers for obituaries. Relative would receive a single printed card, a catalog and order form. They could keep the single card and return $0.30 in a provided envelope.

This collection was purchased at auction in Ohio in Spring 2018 and we acquired it in the Summer/Fall of 2018. We have two lots available consisting of more than 200+ original period pieces. It is our hope to keep the majority of these items together and have begun our search for a buyer. This collection includes copper, nickel and tin plates. Production blocks for catalog covers, memorial plates, stationary, business materials, catalog pages, sample cards, fraternal custom stamps, poetry stamp sets, customized poetry blocks, letterheads, H.F. Wendell Portraits, signatures and more. Included are genuine unprinted paper ephemera including memorial and funeral cards, catalogs and envelopes.

You will likely never find an original memorial card collection this large or complete. It is a unique property that would be a perfect fit for a funeral, oddity or death-focused museum or the high-end oddity collector.

Group A

- 150+ Items
- 50+ Memorial Production Plates
- Multiple H.F. Wendell Portrait Plates
- Catalog Cover Prod. Plate
- 1 O+ Catalog Page Plates
- Order Form Plates
- 100+ Blank Memorial Cards
- Variety of Original Catalogs
- 2 Large Format Copper Military
- 11 Fraternal Customizing Blocks
- 50+ Original Poem Blocks
- 6 Customized Poem Blocks
- Wendell Factory View Plates
- Wendell Employee View Plates
- Miniature Memorial Card Plates
- Rear Cabinet Card Original Stamp.
- Multiple Signature and Nameplate

* Includes Delivery
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Group B

50+ Items
- 20+ Memorial Production Plates
- H.F. Wendell Portrait Plate
- Catalog Page Plates
- Order Form Plate
- 50+ Blank Memorial Cards
- Original Catalogs
- 25+ Original Poem Blocks
- Customized Poem Block
- Wendell Factory View Plate
- Wendell Employee View Plate
- Miniature Memorial Card Plates
- Signature and Nameplate Blocks.

* Includes Delivery
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