Frank Durnell Conard (1884-1966)

Photographer, inventor and western Kansas businessman Frank D. "Pop" Conard was a mid-20th century fixture in Garden City, Ks. producing photo postcards of monstrous grasshoppers, opinionated jackrabbits and massive dust storms.

One of three brother who operated photo studios in Western Kansas through the turn-of-the-century, Frank Conard along with his brothers William "W.B." Conard and Abner "A.B." Conard documented the people, places and events of an evolving region, crafted by historic events and one of the worst ecological disasters in American History.

I am always interested in connecting with family members and family historians as I continue my research. Currently, my archive includes more then 2,000 items and an additional 4,000 digital files. - Patrick 


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