Two homeless men make big plans for the future.

Fair and Square Max is a 10 min comedy short about two men; Max, a man who finds himself suddenly homeless after losing his job; and Tramp, a happy-go-lucky street-type. When the two men meet, Max tags along as Tramp makes his daily rounds across the city. But, when Tramp takes an interest is Max's bright blue suitcase, a planned trip to Kansas seems unlikely.  

Cast & Crew

Written and Directed by
Patrick Clement

Marshall Sharer
Bryen Leuthy
James Graseck as the Violinist

Original Music by
James Graseck

Costume Designer
Alanna Goodman

Camera Op.
Omar Kakar

First Asst. Camera 
Erik Goldstein

Second Asst. Camera
Donggyun Han

Production Asst.
Mariya Chulickkova

Faculty Advisor
Ramin Bahrani


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